Brian Eugarde

Brian Eugarde





Phone: 07 3203 3606


Brian has always been passionate about Art. Although originally focusing solely on black-and-white illustration, in the early 1980s whilst studying at the Seven Hills College of Art, Brian discovered and fell in love with print-making.

After college, Brian worked as a paste-up artist and illustrator for a number of years, but then left to pursue other career interests.

In 2012, Brian returned to Art full-time, with his chosen media primarily being pen-and-ink, linocut and welded art.

Brian especially loves working with steel; “such a strong material and yet, with the right equipment, it can be worked as easily as clay.”

Brian has an insatiable curiosity, and his approach to Art is eclectic. Very much NOT a purist, Brian loves experimenting with novel techniques and materials in his pursuit of a goal, and is happy to try any idea no matter how unorthodox!

Brian draws his inspiration from nature. Having grown up in Pullenvale, outside Brisbane, he spent all of his spare time exploring the miles of scrub about his home. Now living in Deception Bay, he is still intimately connected to nature, by way of his wife’s beautiful garden, and the beautiful parks and reserves nearby.

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