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Charlotte Hellawell





Phone: 0498 117 696


Charlotte Hellawel of Art Abandon

Charlotte Hellawell’s art practice uplifts people and environments with warm stories. These messages on your walls and homes consciously and subconsciously seep in to your everyday life to enhance your dwelling.

A mixed-media artist, Charlotte began painting at a young age at school. Very nearly pursuing a career in art she choose instead a profession in health. 26 years into that career she now seeks to fulfill the creative urge. She lives in Redcliffe, loves walks on the beach and gains great solace from the sea.

Charlotte uses multimedia to create her paintings. They consist of artist quality acrylics, collage, oil pastels, watercolors, glazes on a variety of surfaces. She enters a “zone“ at the time of creation and this brings about great peace and processing. Each piece has its own pathway and a part of Charlotte resonates with it.

At present she is exploring a whimsical style of art inspired by local village life and the intimate peculiarities significant to Redcliffe Peninsular on the sunny Morton Bay coastline.

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