David Cross

David Cross





Phone: 0431 312 205

Email: dandgcross@gmail.com

“My overriding interest is what I see in the environment, using light as a catalyst and how it imparts on the subject matter. I have explored various themes; the Shorncliffe Pier, a favourite focus, has been painted from many different angles and times of day and dusk. Glass and how light changes as it passes through it or diffused is another theme I am exploring. Close-ups of organic fruits and plants also has provided me a new study point and venue to portray light and shadow. Everything I observe has the potential to be a painting, whether from natural and organic surroundings or the manmade built environment. I am fascinated by cast shadows, reflections and tonal changes on a surface and how the time of day and atmospheric conditions can reveal something new and exciting to the eye.”

David is an awarded and accomplished painter with a Masters Degree from the USA in painting and drawing. After a successful career as a Visual Art Educator and Head of Dept, he is forging ahead with his Visual Art practice.

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