Grace Cross

Grace Cross





Phone: 0412 147 456


Grace Cross, Mixed Media/Textile Artist

“Many catalysts inspire my artworks, from nature to stories, textures, connections and beyond; developing my own personal vocabulary of marks that journey through my mixed media/textile pieces. Organic in character, these marks help to compose my creative form of expression.

Nonrepresentational in form, each of my artworks is a personal reflection with Texture as the primary focus; creating layered mixed media/textile artworks with a fusion of rusting, fibres, fabric, paper, acrylics, stitching, beading and/or embellishments.”

Grace is an awarded and accomplished textile artist with a Bachelor’s Degree from the USA in Textile Design. After a 30 year successful career as a Visual Art Educator she is now pursuing her love of creating art through textiles. Grace has been encouraged by two best of show awards in the past year for her mixed media/textile works.

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