Heather Delaney

Heather Delaney





Phone: 0423 468 089

Email: iheather_01@yahoo.com.au

Heather grew up on the treeless plains west of Toowoomba where the vast horizons shimmer and melt into infinity.

She has been involved in art her whole life; from being a teenage member of the Dalby Art Group, to participating in four McGregor Art Schools, working as a professional photographer and more recently leading a group show titled “The Magic of Watercolour” at the Redcliffe Fire Station.

During this journey, Heather’s art transitioned into a passion for watercolours and in turn lead to judging and tutoring workshops where students embrace the ‘just have a go’ attitude.

Heather also teaches paper stretching, pouring transparent water based mediums, masking fluid and inks while retaining the pure white paper and delicate lighter tones without using a brush.

Achievements include the Eva Hekel Watercolour Award and Mayor’s Choice Award at RASart Exhibition of Excellence.

The chaos and control of the medium drive her forward.