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Jenni Kirkwood of Kirkwood Art

Born in Childers Queensland, Jenni’s love for the ocean was discovered during holidays spent walking on the beach collecting shells and anything interesting to take home and add to her collection.

With such a love of the ocean, it is no wonder it features heavily in her paintings.

Traveling up the Queensland coast as a teenager was exhilarating, with lots of fun and adventure, ending up in Mount Isa to start her 20 year career as a sign writer. She moved to Mackay after 2 years as she couldn’t live away from the coast.

Her boss was a wonderful mentor and as sign writing was like being an artist it was like doing an apprenticeship. You had to physically hand paint everything – no computers then, the digital age was just beginning when she decided to start a family.

When Jenni was over climbing ladders she turned her attention to painting and ceramics, it was much easier working from home with her new boy.

Now 20 years later and after quite a few different studio locations Jenni has finally found a work space which is just about perfect…it’s a little hidden away, but she prefers that for the peace and solitude she needs for painting.

Jenni’s concentration now is primarily on paintings, prints and platters as well as planning exhibitions and completing orders.

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