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Katy Stewart (Katrina Anne Stewart) was born in 1957 in Sydney, N.S.W. Growing up in Sydney Katy was enthused and inspired by the rich arts exposure through family and teachers in early years and continued this focus through secondary and tertiary Arts Education in the 1980’s. She went on to teaching Visual Art and learning so much more in N.S.W. Qld and S.A. for many years.

In time out from teaching Katy has travelled and lived overseas broadening her knowledge, discovering new art forms and developing skills and has now been established in Yeppoon, Qld for the past eleven years.

Katy has been working in secondary and tertiary education for years, venturing into design, ceramics, printmaking, photography, small business, community arts, public art, commissions, exhibiting and selling work in Wagga (Side Street Studio), Byron Bay, Townsville, Sydney, Yeppoon, ‘A unique Selection’ – Rotary Art Exhibition, USA, Asia, UK and other locations throughout Australia.
“My art is inspired by relationships between myself, family, friends, students and the world we live in. It’s not about them, it’s for them. I work to study and create works that encompass the personality, spirituality and life forces that unite and inspire us. I am also inspired by natural forms, symbolism and the visual characteristics of colour, surface textures, rhythms, repetition, balance, contrasts and harmonies”.

ART FORMS: design, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, painting, photography, textiles.