Kim Mancini

Kim Mancini





Phone: 0402 473 083


As a RAAF daughter Kim was constantly on the move, a nomadic life leading to hours drawing and crafting, beginning her love affair with art.

Her passion for art can been seen in her work as both artist and teacher.

Client appraisal: “Underbrush was in so many ways a self portrait. There is great sense of spirit, passion and enchantment, and once around her you want to be around her and her love for art, like the fairy wren hidden in the underbrush, you don’t always see her but once encountered she is hard to forget.”

This decoding of her art exposes the truth and essence of her very nature. Kim continues to explore all mediums, surfaces and art forms especially in 2D form. She recently returned to the bush and rekindled her love for all things organic, particularly the roadside weeds and dandelions.

If you would like to learn more about Kim, her love for art, her teaching and her achievements visit her website. Believe, and you will achieve!

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