Robyn Ressom

Robyn Ressom





Phone: 0438 864 310


Robyn Ressom – Artist/Art Therapist

Robyn is an artist because she has to be, and she is an art therapist because she would spend too much time on my own if she wasn’t!

She loves the magical process of creating from her mind, her hands and her psyche and loves encouraging others as an art therapist to find ‘the hidden’ within themselves and subsequently the richness of the creative process.

Robyn is interested in the psycho spiritual, political and social impacts on women within a society that has evolved over time with constraints about and towards them.

Our ways are often moulded by outmoded structures, habits and expectations. Robyn wants to assist herself and others to find their own unique and diverse ways of thinking, doing and being  – to see ourselves differently and to challenge ourselves to live our own authentic lives with passion and purpose.

Art/the creative process provides an important path towards the discovery of those things.