Clear Water – Conservation and Restoration 28th April 2012

Exhibiting at the Art Factory Gallery in Brisbane, the theme of ‘Clear Water – Conservation and Restoration’ pertained not only to Australia’s Marine Parks, but also to the salt water creeks, mudflats, mangroves, marshlands, fresh water streams and coastal bush lands. The habitats of these areas are significant to the ongoing survival of humans, migratory birds, animals and many other species. The bush and wetlands act as natural air filters, absorbing carbon dioxide and pumping out oxygen producing clean air and clean water.

Artists Afloat 2012 Art Prize Competition provided high school students the opportunity to exhibit with a selection of our members including Jo Wooler, Leigh Gordon, Julie Wecker, Kim Mancini, Jeanette Butler, Kelvin Hawley and Beverley Carnie-Shaw.

Successful entrants Erica Dunkley from Brisbane State High School, Tylor Elmsly from Redcliffe State High School, Alexandria Harris and Brianna Cameron from St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School enjoyed a memorable event with plenty of encouragement and support from the students peers, friends and families.

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